Gifts and Present Ideas for Artists – Sculpture Tools & Materials

Kids or adults, experts or dabblers, sculptors love to receive presents related to their art. Encourage kids interested in claymation, wood carvers, jewelry makers, and other sculptors with these gift ideas, and show an artist in your life that you are interested in their work.

GIfts for Woodcarvers - carving toolsGifts for the Woodcarver

Woodcarvers can use either power or hand tools, or a combination of both. If you have a store in your area that specializes in wood carving supplies, that is a great place to start. You don’t need to be knowledgeable yourself, but explain that you’re looking for a present for a woodcarver, and the types of carving they do, the staff can help find a nice piece of wood and some appropriate wood carving chisels, mallets, knives, or a pattern.

It’s also possible to gather wood yourself, keeping in mind that it needs to dry slowly Gifts for Woodcarvers - chainsawfor several months before it can be carved. You’ll find wood tutorials on YouTube if you can’t find a store nearby. Chainsaw carvers like the softness of pine, but harder woods are preferred by hand carvers. A new chainsaw, chainsaw blade, or a gift of having a blade sharpened along with a tree trunk will be welcomed by chainsaw carvers.

Sandpaper, stains, and oils used for finishing wood carvings make good stocking stuffers for the woodcarver in your life.

GIfts for the Jewelry Maker - glass beadsGifts for the Miniaturist or the Jewelry Maker

Miniatures and jewelry often require magnification. A stand magnifier or a small electric kiln make great gifts. Sterling silver clay and wire, and a few strands of semi-precious beads, or some unique glass beads would make any jewelry maker happy. There’s also some wonderful mold making materials available for miniaturists and precious metals sold in small sheets.

Gifts for Clay Artists

Gifts for Clay Artists

There are many varieties of clay for sculpting. Some never harden, others air harden or harden in the low heat of a regular oven, others need to be fired in a kiln. Clay can be homemade or purchased, and tools for working clay can be simple everyday objects or purchased from an art store.

Found Objects to Become Part of Sculptures

Repurposing objects for sculptures

Some sculptors specialize in repurposing found objects into sculpture. They are happiest surrounded by other people’s junk, envisioning it as something entirely different. Before throwing out items well past a useful life, offer your discards to a sculptor that works in found objects. Or rescue interesting objects from the dump, throw in a bucket of nuts and bolts, and you may get a whimsical yard sculpture in return.

Sculptors who work in metal use welding torches and spray paint. Arc welders and accessories like fire resistant aprons and eye protection are good accessories an artist may need or want.

Creating sculpture for a hobbyist or professional artist satisfies a creative need. Receiving the encouragement of family and friends through creative presents is a gift any artist would love. A gift of sculpture tools and materials may just spark creative happiness.