Creative Woodburning Projects

More Pyrography Ideas for Hobbyists

wooburning craft ideasWoodburning, also known as pyrography, is the art of using fire to create pictures or words. This technique can be applied to wood, paper, leather, gourds or any surface that takes readily to heat application. It can also be used in conjunction with wood carving to create depth and dimension to a projects giving them that “little something extra” that really makes a piece of art stand out.

Pyrographers don’t have to go far to find an object suitable for woodburning projects. Great materials lie as close as a kitchen cupboard. Wooden salad bowls, tatting shuttles, wooden stirring spoons, and wooden stands for resting hot pots on are all perfect for the art of woodburning, and a good pattern goes a long way in creating a theme.

Below is a beginners’ guide to woodburning.

Pattern Ideas for Woodburning Projects

Ivy is one popular theme that lends itself well to the art of woodburning. Delicate tendrils connect each perfectly formed ivy leaf as they wrap around an object, complimenting and showcasing it. The simplicity of the ivy pattern is that a single stenciled ivy leaf is the main template allowing the trailing vine to be drawn freehand wherever desired.

Another showy, yet more complicated, theme is to apply the family coat of arms to a set of wooden plates or bowls. The difficulty with this project lies with the complexity of the desired pattern. Once selected it is easy enough to apply with the use of transfer paper. Patterns should be applied to the outside of a bowl, while plate patterns can be applied directly to the face of the plate.

Apply a pattern to the inside bowl of a wooden stirring spoon to tie in a kitchen theme. Guests will love the extra touch as their being served up a bowl of stew or chili at an evening dinner event. A set of matching wooden tumblers, while harder to obtain, will really complete the effect of a rustic woodburning theme.

Woodburning also lends itself well to less formal situations. Purchase an unfinished lap table from a hobby store and woodburn a design or inspirational phrase onto it. Next, seal the face of the table with stain or varnish to complete the project. Lap tables can then be used for sofa dining or doing homework on.

pyrography on decor

Getting the feel for it yet? Experiment with different woodburning techniques and create other beautiful wooden woodburned items to give as gifts to friends and relatives this holiday season. Apply wood burning patterns to jewelry boxes, plaques, and hair sticks. Woodburning adds an elegant, unique, and personal touch to projects.