Author: Bogart Stevenson


Finding the Heart of Country Decorating

On the second weekend of February, Nashville’s Opryland Hotel was taken over by antique lovers from all over the U.S. That’s because the “Heart of Country” antiques show was in town, and it was the place to catch up on the hottest trends in American Country decorating today from the informative dealers and collectors in […]

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Home Lawncare and Gardening

Soil is the foundation which is ultimately responsible for a healthy garden or lawn. Soil is different from “dirt” because it contains a complex mixture of mineral matter, organic matter and living organisms. It is capable of sustaining life. It is therefore not surprising the single most important task gardeners can perform is to improve […]

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Creative Woodburning Projects

More Pyrography Ideas for Hobbyists Woodburning, also known as pyrography, is the art of using fire to create pictures or words. This technique can be applied to wood, paper, leather, gourds or any surface that takes readily to heat application. It can also be used in conjunction with wood carving to create depth and dimension […]

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Queen Anne is Classic Wood Furniture

With it’s origins dating to the 1800s, Queen Anne furniture has stood the test of time. It’s classic looks rely on specific design elements to separate it from similar furniture of other styles. Recognizing these elements will help a potential furniture buyer determine what separates Queen Anne from all the rest. New or Antique, Chairs […]

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Seniors and Eye Care

Recognizing the Warning Signs of Age-Related Vision Problems In general, most vision changes that people experience as they age are normal. Some people may only need glasses or inexpensive daily wear contact lenses for reading or doing close-up work. However, to maintain healthy eyes, people over 60 should be aware of the warning signs of […]

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Creative Ways to Use Small Pieces of Drifrwood

Whether it’s a small but interesting piece that was found lying on a beach or leftover bits from a larger project, small pieces of driftwood can be used to make wonderful projects too. In fact, many small pieces can be combined by using wood glue and can once again become a larger piece, sometimes blending […]

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Port Dalhousie Carousel – Description and History

On the beach at Lakeside Park, Port Dalhousie, St. Catharines, you can still ride the carousel for a nickel. This antique carousel is one of the largest and best remaining examples of a Looff menagerie carousel. Four rows deep with 69 carousel animals including jumpers, standers and a gigantic lion, goats (prancers), giraffes, and camels. […]

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Gifts and Present Ideas for Artists – Sculpture Tools & Materials

Kids or adults, experts or dabblers, sculptors love to receive presents related to their art. Encourage kids interested in claymation, wood carvers, jewelry makers, and other sculptors with these gift ideas, and show an artist in your life that you are interested in their work. Gifts for the Woodcarver Woodcarvers can use either power or […]

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Learn to Carve a Unique Wooden Chess or Checker Game Set

Ever thought about making a unique checker or chess board that is completely personalized to the intended recipient? Sometimes the simplest projects are the easiest to overlook, but with a bit of flair from a woodburning and carving tool these old style games icons come roaring back in style with a new look. Blending Intarsia […]

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